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Buying Knitting Needles

There are factors to consider when buying knitting needles. This would include the:

  • Size
  • Style or Type
  • Shaft
  • Interchangeable Nature
  • Material

When it comes to the size of the knitting needle, you need to consider their diameters. They usually range from 0 to 15 (smallest to largest). In Europe, their knitting needles are measured in millimeters instead of diameter. To be on the safe side and so that you won’t have problems while doing knitting projects, just buy needles of different sizes.

As for the type of knitting needle, you will find a range of designs that serve distinct purposes. This would include circular, straight and double-pointed needle designs. If you want to do some flat knitting stitches then go for straight knitting needles. Just the same, if you want to do some round knitting, you can use circular or double-pointed knitting needles. The only difference between circular and double-pointed needles is that the latter is only utilized for smaller projects like socks and gloves.

The shaft is another factor to consider in buying knitting needles. The usual measurement for the shat is 9 inches to 14 inches. For your knitting stitches, it is a good idea to buy a long shaft.

However, make sure it is not too long or you will have a hard time using it.

Knitting is technique to turn thread or yarn into a piece of cloth. Knitted fabric consists of horizontal parallel courses of yarn which is different from woven cloth. The courses of threads or yarn are joined to each other by interlocking loops in which a short loop of one course of yarn or thread is wrapped over the bight of another course.

A brief history of knitting

Some of the earliest and definite examples of knitting date from Europe and Egypt in the 14th century. However, some people claim that the knitting technology dates back further into centuries BC. What seems to come forward was this information which states that the first knitting trade guild was started in Paris in 1527, which established the occupation as male-dominated for centuries to come. Soon, knitting became a household occupation with the increase in popularity of knitted stockings. By the end of the 1600s, knitting trade was in demand in European markets. About one to two million pairs of stockings were exported from Britain to other parts of Europe.

Hand Knitting became a very useful but nonessential part of hand craft which was triggered by the invention of knitting machines. Females started to outnumber males as knitting practitioners. Hand knitting has gone been in and out of fashion over centuries, but 21st century marked its revival. In the late 1990s, a 400% increase in the number of knitters under the age of 35. This is the age where the social stigma of knitting being a female job is slowly disappearing and you could see few males in the knitting circle.

Learn to knit, and get those creative juices flowing… I can still remember the moment I learned to knit. I was 6 years old, and my grandma sat down with me while my mother was busy with my new baby brother.

She taught me to cast on, and knit, and I was so excited I took my knitting everywhere.. it was all uneven and horrid, but I was excited that I had learned something new, and still love to knit to this day!

I am left handed, and always found many crafts hard to do because of it, such as crochet. But knitting can be done easily whether you are left handed or right handed.

Learning to knit as a child is a great way, but if you never did learn to knit, and would like to, then why not get started now!

Take it in little steps. Learn to cast on one day, and then learn to do the basic garter stitch the next day, and PRACTICE. That is the biggest part of knitting, is practicing. Once you have mastered the garter stitch, then you can try to purl, which is going through the back of the stitch.

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