With These Instructions on Knitting you Can Create Professional Patterns

Do you wish to learn how to knit? With these instructions and a little practice, you can learn knitting and will definitely create professional patterns.

There are five basic instructions. Make a slip knot, cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch and bind off. Let’s start with making a slip knot.

Making a slip knot is very easy. This knot is tied for secure knitting, otherwise it may happen that as you go further, stitches open up from the beginning. A slip knot is very easy: just pull some yarn to make one loop. Then simply tie a regular knot.

Now to start knitting, you have to cast on stitches. So for cast on, make a slip loop over left needle then pass right needle through loop from left to right yarn under and over right needle then draw yarn through loop and transfer loop to left needle, continue this till you get number of stitches on left needle. Now your stitches are ready now decide on pattern you want to knit and start knitting.

Now you must have the basic information about the two basic stitches: Knit stitch and Purl stitch. The knit stitch is very basic stitch. To start knitting, insert right needle through first stitch of left hand needle. Then wind yarn over cross of two needles over right hand needle. Just gently pull through loop. After that just slip over first original stitch from left needle to right hand needle. Just repeat the whole process until you transfer all stitches from left needle to right needle. This is the way to complete a row with knit stitches.

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