What Are Knitting Looms?

Knitting loom is a kind of prehistoric art that has many kinds of loom shapes like oval, round and rectangular. It has different types.

A Knitting loom is a very old art that has been revived recently. It is known by different names such as:

• frame knitting
• rake knitting
• ring knitting
• box knitting
• bung knitting
• spool knitting
• reel knitting
• French knitting
• Loom knitting
• Knitting in the round
• Knitting board

During the middle ages, looms were used in:

– France
– Britain
– Germany and
– Other parts of Europe

They used it to knit:

• tasseled caps
• petticoats
• shawls
• blankets
• stockings
• bags
• purses
• sacks
• nets
• hammocks
• curtains

Looms come in different shapes like:

– round
– oval and
– rectangular

Some looms have two rows of pegs, and these are called double rakes. The size of a knit piece depends on the loom’s size. The gauge or distance of pegs and its size make the size of the knit stitches. The thickness of yarn also contributes to its size.

To form knitted fabric, you can use loom. Imagine that the pegs of the loom are pieces of knitting needles. Different methods of wrapping yarn on the pegs make different stitches and patterns.

The single rake looms make the knitted fabric possess a distinctive right and wrong sides. The double rake looms are used in making double knitted fabric right at both sides.

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