Understanding Yarn for Your Knitting Project

By Sam Russell

In this article we cover in very basic terms the different kinds of yarns that most knitters would use & the reasons for choosing one over another.


Yarn is a string composed of interlocked fibers used in the production of textiles, crocheting, sewing and knitting.

There are many different fibers that can form a knitting yarn. Cotton is the most popular natural fiber and wool is the most common animal fiber. However, other types of animal fibers are used too, like angora, cashmere and the latest trend in knitting yarns – the alpaca knitting yarn. The alpaca fibers that form a knitting yarn are notable for their strength, which is significantly higher than that in wool fibers, for their softness and, moreover, the alpaca fiber comes in an impressive range of natural colors from white, beige, light brown, dark brown, to black.

Blending for quality ………..

However, it had been demonstrated that by blending alpaca fiber with wool, we obtain a yarn of a higher quality. When it comes to the knitting yarn composed solely of sheep’s wool, we talk of two categories of wool used in knitting yarn: worsted and woolen.

The yarn that results from worsted wool is smooth and firm, whereas the one that results from woolens is fuzzier and not so strong

Other Types ……….

. As for the natural fibers, silk and linen are also used for knitting yarn. Knitting yarn can be also made of synthetic materials, chiefly acrylic. There are all acrylic yarns or acrylic blended with wool. Nylon is another synthetic fiber used in a small quantity in the yarn designed for use in socks as an example.

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