TKUGA Ejura African Round Basket -FREE SHIPPING

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TKUGA Ejura African Round Basket -FREE SHIPPING

  • You will receive this exact basket / tote- may vary slightly because of handmade process
  • Colors: rich navy blue, yellow, forest green and natural, Brown Leather Handle Collapsible
  • Dimensions: 14 h x 16 w x 16 d Handle drop is 4 inches Basket depth 10 inches, 100% Handmade, Eco Friendly, 100% Green Product
  • Materials: Elephant Grass Very Durable, Natural Dyes, Hand Stitched Leather Handle
  • Supports and Gives Back to the Women and Children of Africa PLEASE READ STORY BELOW

TKUGA Ejura African Round Basket -FREE SHIPPING
List Price: $93.49
Your Price: $69.76- TKUGA Ejura African Round Basket -FREE SHIPPING

TKUGA is an international association (Tanzania-Kenya-Uganda-Ghana-Association) for the empowerment and development of African women. TKUGA helps women in over 100 different villages. Weaving one of these beautiful baskets takes about one week. TKUGA began from a promise made to a dying mother. Mary’s mother lived in Kenya and suffered a severe stroke. She had no money to get medical treatment. Mary found out about her mother’s condition and sent her $40.00 so her mother could get transportation to get medical help. As her mother walked many hours to the bus stop she saw a young seven year old boy who looked lost, very dirty and extremely hungry. Mary’s mother asked the young boy” where is your Mother” the boy replied “she is sleeping and we cannot wake her” She wanted to help the young boy, she asked him to take her to his Mother. Arriving at the young boy’s home she saw two other children sitting by their Mother. Sadly she discovered the children’s Mother had died, they were sitting by her side for three to four days. Mary’s Mother took the $40.00 from Mary and used it to buy some cloth to wrap the dead mother’s body in and buried the woman. As Mary’s Mother lay dying she looked at Mary and made her promise her that she would do something to help other Mothers and children. She passed away three months later from complications from the stroke. Mary now is helping women in 111 villages in four countries. Mary believes in Fair Trade and pays the women a fair wage so they can provide basic necessities like food, medical treatment, clothing, and education. Most Africans live on less than $1.00 per day. Your purchase is helping these women provide for themselves and their children. The women of these villages also help to provide for many Orphans who without the help from the women in the village would suffer from starvation and die. The picture above shows twenty nine Orphans in one of the villages these wonderful women help to provide for.



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