On a Cowl Kick

Mobius cowls, addicting jazz video, sock masters, twisting a skein & beautiful yarn.

Knitters BioGood winter to all! We are deep in January now, and it is great knitting time! I am fortunate to be spending the winter in a house with a cozy wood stove. So I am enjoying curling up in my favorite chair while I am toasted by the wood fire, and knitting on my new addiction of mobius cowls! Not something that can be done down in the city, but I am holed up right now in the woods of Idaho where I can enjoy a few old time back-to-the-land amenities.

The cowls I am knitting are really short infinity scarves with a mobius twist. I have invented two very easy reversible lace patterns that are great for distracted knitting and those of us who want no short term memory challenges! Here are the patterns, quickly below. Charts and good writeups to come later.

Reversible Lace Patterns

Basketweave Lace (multiple of 6 sts) Written as if in the round.
Row 1 & 3: k3, p3 around
Row 2: k1, YO, [Sl1 K1 PSSO], p3 around
Row 4 & 6: p3, k3 around
Row 5: p1, YO, p2tog, k3 around

Short Feather & Fan (multiple of 6 sts) Written as if in the round.
Row 1: YO, K1, YO, K1, k2tog, k2tog around
Row 2: knit around
Row 3: YO, p1, YO, p1, p2tog, p2tog around
Row 4: p around

Addicting Knitting

Beautiful Cowl Video

KnitKnitting.com has found us the most amazing video cowl gallery. Click on the pictures below to see…. but…

Warning! Do not watch this video if you suffer from any sort of fiber envy…. because if you do, you’ll launch into a mobius cowl knitting frenzy from which you may never return!

As a warning I give the following two pictures. Oh yea, and if you love cool jazz, you will really have a great time becoming addicted to this!

Treat for Beginners

We have a nice video for beginning fiber artists: How to twist a skein. This is something that us old hats take for granted, so it is nice to remember to pass on both how easy it is, and how cool it is to twist a skein!

Click here for: Twisting a Skein

Final Treats

Until We Meet Again

Once more, thanks for reading the newsletter. Hope you are having plenty of time to knit and are inspired by our weekly knitting treats.


Connie Delaney



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