Spring Knitting

Cables and Lace!

How to knit cables, Hearts Lace stitch, and joining a ball of yarn.

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Spring Knitting

It’s been my experience that many knitters are also gardners and love the outdoors (hence the need for lots of hats and scarves). So it would not surprise me if you are finding less time for knitting these days, and are being captured by those occasional perfect sunny days.

As knitting season winds down, and summer opens up, this news letter will, likely, become a bit sporadic in schedule. In fact, that has already happened as I missed last Tuesday! As the Christmas and fall knitting bug starts to hit later in the season we’ll gear up again to be faithfully sent on Tuesday mornings.

Joining Yarn

Of course I’ve joined a million balls of yarn in my time. But I always enjoy watching how someone else does it. The questions is: Is there really a right way?

Most of the time I leave a long end, so that I have something to work in so that the ends can never ravel out. Sometimes, though, I’m knitting along with some store-bought yarn and find that they just joined it with a little knot with the ends clipped short. Heck… if they do that, why can’t I?

Most of the time I tie a knot with my old ball and new, because it gives extra security. But sometimes I an knitting something that is fine, and the knot will be in a visible place. Then I knit the two yarns together for a few stitches, leaving a smooth join.

In this issue we are featuring a video from Knitpicks using the “knitting in” method . She shows how to join by knitting the strands together. The nice thing about this method is that you don’t have to work the ends in later, just clip them off when convenient.

Heart Lace

Nadelspiel.com brings us a video on how to knit “Hearts Lace Stitch.” It looks very complicated and makes a nice lace with little hearts, but it is really quite simple.

Knitting Cables

We have a very simple video by Fayme Harper demonstrating how to make a cable stitch. She shows a basic 6 stitch cable… with some beautiful tan yarn!

Back to Work

And it’s back to work for me! So much to get done.

By the way… did I mention that one of my many jobs is doing tech support for a guy who puts out a computer “How to” newsletter and website: Ask Leo! You can ask Leo questions about your computer and tech problems, and he gives great answers. He also has a newsletter that is published weekly: get it here: Ask Leo Newsletter.

As always, happy spring and happy knitting!

Connie Delaney




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