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More Reversible and DP Training

Don’t drop those double pointed needles, knit reversible, spin cotton and more…

Knitters BioWelcome all, to another issue of SpinCraft Pattern Newsletter. Hope the first hints of sping are starting to grace the air in your area.

I know that soon the garden and spring activities will be calling for my attention, so I am focusing on finishing up projects.

I don’t know about you, but I have a really hard time picking up a project that has been neglected for several months. It’s hard to figure out what I’m supposed to do next, and get it done. So it is now time to plan for the inevitable call of the outdoors.

This week we have some fun techniques and tips to keep up that interest through the end of the project.

More Reversible Mobius Knitting

We have a great video by Iris Schreier showing a different way to cast on to the double pointed needle for a mobius. This uses the traditional long trail cast on, instead of the simple loops we’ve learned in previous videos.

She also shows an amazing mobius collar that follows the mind boggling concept of two patterns on a mobous. I can’t figure out where the one starts and the other stops, so am very anxious to keep knitting these until I get it.

Knitting In The Round

Continuing with my passion for sharing how easy it is to knit with double pointed needles, we have a short video showing the transfering of the needles. Because she is talking as she does it, you don’t really get a sense of how fast it is.

Here are my biggest tips for knitting in double pointed needles.

  1. The number one problem is stitches falling off the needles. Make sure you have rubber point holders to put on the ends when you stick your project in a bag, this will keep it safe.
  2. Don’t knit too loosely, this will also help in keeping stitches from falling off, or worse… an entire needle falling out of its stitches.
  3. Focus on smooth transitions: once you get to the point where you flip from one needle to the next, you’ll wonder why you ever though double pointed needles were hard!

Baby Hats and Edgings

More baby stuff with this  cute knitting baby hat from Erika Knight. it has the cutest edging on it, which brings us to the new book I had to buy: Knitting on the Edge. has a bunch of used copies of this book and I had to snatch one up to get more edging ideas for my mobius cowls.


Handspinning Cotton

I love to spin cotton, it is very challenging, and takes a lot of spinning to get enough yarn for a project, but I think that’s what makes me like it. I love a challenge. So I was excited to find a good tutorial video on spinning cotton.



 Marty says:

Thank you, watching this being done makes it so much easier than trying to read the pattern and going by it alone.

… and back to knitting

Enough for today. Time to get back to knitting. As always, please feel free to come to and list your comments or questions.

Until next week, keep those needles clicking!

Connie Delaney



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