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New Knitting Pattern

A new knitting pattern has been posted to!
The knit-so-it-fits pattern source!

Freeform Hats!

The name says it all. Learn how to pick up some needles and yarn and knit a hat on the fly. This pattern opens your horizon to creating any hat you can imaging.

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And some great new knitting posts on

Knitters BioBeautiful Silk Yarn

Awesomly soft with a shimmering color. Knitting with silk yarn is a special
treat. Try it today.

Learn Cable Knitting

Have you ever wanted to learn cable knitting? Try it and you are going to love
it. Cable knitting is not as hard as you think; each cable is simply twisting
yarn over stitches. Learn the basics and you can start creating thousand of
mind boggling cable patterns.

Loom Knitting

Loom knitting is fast and easy. Watch this video for a quick lesson on how to
get started loom knitting.

Knit Wash Cloth

This is a perfect Christmas Present… a knitted wash cloth.



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