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Outside chores are starting to call my name, and I am feeling the call of spring. Less time to knit these days as I am busy pruning the apple trees and beginning to clean up the garden. But I am also finding it to be the perfect time to line out new projects. I find the biggest challenge to my productivity is to actually finish off projects I’m working on (down to clipping the last worked-in string) and planning the start of the new. Sometimes I will find myself stalled for weeks or months because I just don’t know where to begin. So I like to have several new ideas laid out at any time. This week’s newsletter has both finishing off with the applied I-cord bindoff, and starting anew with socks!

Applied I-Cord Bind Off

Starting off this week we have a video teaching the applied I-cord bind off. This is a very tidy way to end a garment as it makes a nice curled and pliable edge. Perfect for the end of a top-down hat. The edge is very pliable because you are actually increasing and binding off at the same time. Very cool.

Click here for: Applied I-Cord Bind Off


Need a moment of inspiration? Here is a short video that does just that. Etsy shop Tracce has put together a wonderful collage of round scarves, cowls and mobius. The colors and simplicity are wonderful. Sometimes I get stuck in thinking that really beautiful knitting has to be fine yarns and lace, but she has some wonderful thick scarves that must be so quick to make… and yet very beautiful.

Click here for Tracce Video

Starting Socks

Learn to knit socks! This video is the start of a 6-part series on knitting socks. If you’ve ever wanted to work through all the mysteries of socks this quick lesson will help.

Click here for: Learn to knit socks, part 1

Kettle Dye Yarn

Learning to dye your own yarn opens the door to unlimited colors. Particularly, if you master the art of blending, you will be able to express any idea in knitting. Here’s a great video on how to get a mottled effect that is evenly spaced throughout the skein. You can make delicious blends of variegated yarns that don’t make the weird patterns that often appear in “precise” store-bought varieties.

Click here for Kettle Dying Yarn

Traditional Alpaca

Finally, we have a little video that is really as sales video. But I love anything that shows the traditional ways, and this is a nice glimpse into production from the Peruvian Andes.

Click here for: Traditional Weavers

…back to the orchard

And it’s back to the orchard for me. No rest (or knitting) for the weary until I get all those branches I pruned off yesterday picked up and carried to the burn pile!

Happy Knitting

Connie Delaney



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