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End of January News

New baby, shawl collection, skein markers, hand dying, the magic loop and more…

Knitters BioIt’s the end of January, and I hope everyone has been enjoying the winter as the best time to knit! You may have noticed that I didn’t manage to get a newsletter out last Tuesday… but I have a great excuse. My first grandchild was born in Boise on the 21st, and I was lucky to be helping my daughter with the big event. So we were up all night too many nights in a row and I figured I could just let it go. After all, babies are more important.

So welcome to the world baby Brayden. Someone else to be knitting for! And of course, he is the cutest and best baby ever!

I am now working on patterns for diaper soakers. I’m a big proponent for bringing back the cloth diaper and teaching our young adults how to have a baby without going into the poorhouse during those diaper years! The frugality of cloth diapers is as important as not filling up our landfills! Even learning to use cloth diapers for half the time would save young couples thousands of dollars a year. So we’ll be exploring the use of wool soakers in the coming months.

Here’s a picture of both beautiful daughter and baby. Yes, that’s Brayden’s one week birthday cake!

Inspiring Shawls

I found a wonderful video with some inspiring shawls. These are not your typical triangle or rectangle shawls, but wonderful lace loops and mobius twists. This little video also has some killer music and is very inspiring to watch:

Hand Dying

We have so many beautiful and creative yarns and fibers available to us as spinners and knitters these days, but still, there is nothing as creative as dying your own yarn and fleece. We’ve found a wonderful book on the art and science of bringing out the best colors in yarn.

Yarn & Organization

We tag our rows of vegetables to remember exactly what they are… why not do the same for yarn and fiber! Here’s a great little thing: writable tags for yarn, skeins, and roving. And speaking of yarn, how about some beautifully colored recycled cotton? Lion Brand yarn is now available on Amazon.com.

Technique and Knitting Pattern

Our newsletter is not complete without learning some cool technique, and this week is no exception. We have a video on using one long circular needle to knit any tube, no matter how small. This is called the “Magic Loop” and is done by knitting off the two tips with the back sides of the tube hanging on the loop drawn through. Good thing there is a video because that description was just confusing!

Here’s something I just love… a stitch called “Mistake Rib.” Goes to prove there must be other knitters out there who are not afraid of the happy mistake and turning it into something great. This is a very pearly looking stitch that lies flat and is reversible, so it’s perfect for scarves and shawls.

Comments & Questions

Helen asks:
Hello: Enjoy your website – looking for a little girl’s (1 yr. old) earflap knitted hat. Can you help? Thanks so much!

Thanks Helen. Fortunately I have a great ear-flap hat pattern over at SpinCraftPatterns.com that can be knit to any size.


Till We Meet Again

And enough for today. I hope you are all well, have plenty of fiber, and are not ripping out too much!

Happy Knitting
Connie Delaney



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