Double Pointed Needles

Demo: 3 Ways to cast on to Double Pointed Needles – DPNs

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This is a request posted in the comments of my How to Knit on Double Pointed Needles video to show how to distribute your stitches onto the DPN. Please visit my blog also at: Follow me on twitter at

How To Knit on Double Pointed Needles

How To Knit on Double Pointed Needles

How To Knit on Double Pointed Needles
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Double pointed needles are specifically for knitting in the round. Some people think circular needles are for circular knitting but they are actually too large for this purpose…

How to Knit a Rib with Double Pointed Needles

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Knit 2, purl 1 – when a pattern similar to this is repeated – you get a rib or “ribbing” which is usually the beginning of many projects that have cuffs or an opening. Here’s the pattern I am following: Don’t forget to use a marker (I’ll have one in the next video – I forgot it in the other room) to note where you started the round. It’ll make things easier in the future! Thanks for watching & please check out my other videos & blog:

Double Pointed Needles: Part 2: Continuing to cast on

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How to cast on to the 3 needles evenly. You can use 4 – the only difference is how many stitches you have on each needle. The work itself is not affected. Thanks for watching & please check out my other videos & blog:

Middle of December News

Learn to Finger Knit, Baby Blanket & Booties, Easy Instructions on Double Pointed Needles and the beginnings of Mobius.

Knitting News

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Greetings everyone and Merry Christmas. Here’s hoping that all your projects are coming out all right and on time!

This week, as one of our featured videos, we have Finger Knitting. Not sure how many useful projects we can come up with using this technique, but it’s a little trick everyone should know. Finger Knitting uses your fingers as a small knitting loom. It’s quick and can be done anywhere without any equipment. The video is quick and clear.

For those heroes out there spreading fiber knowledge by teaching in schools, finger knitting is a perfect tool. Kids learn it very quickly and love to make friendship bracelets for each other. Those little tiny fingers make a nice size stitch!

Click here for: Finger Knitting.


    This week’s treasures…


    Double Pointed Knitting
    Don’t be afraid of the double pointed knitting needles! They are an essential tool in the knitting arsenal. Double pointed needles help you knit all those small tube items: fingers, thumbs, little bears, tops of hats, socks.

    We are featuring both a training video and needle sets for sale

    The training video takes all the mystery out of managing double pointed needles. As Kathleen Sams carefully explains, the only difficult part is getting started. After that you just knit until the needle runs out, then go on to the next one.
    If you have any trouble learning double pointed needles take a tip from our Navajo sisters. When the Navajo teach spinning and weaving to the next generation they do not go from the beginning of project to the end, like we do… Because getting started is more difficult. Instead they start new fiber artists off with plying or beating, and work down to drafting and warping. So go ask a friend to start your double pointed needles for you. Have them get the ribbing started for an inch or so to create some stability, and then you finish up. By the time you are done with your first project you’ll have all the necessary skills and confidence to start the next one from scratch.
    ArtBin Yarn Drum 12-inches round by 12-3/4-inches high, RaspberryYarn Storage: I’m finding more great yarn containers. Here is one that’s called the “Artbin.” It not only holds your yarn while knitting, but has lots of pockets and a shoulder strap for carrying.
    It’s lightweight and holds up to 8 skeins of yarn… or an almost-finished sweater! It also looks pretty indestructible, and that bright pink will help you not lose it.
    Books: Two great books for your fiber library.
    1. Chicks with Sticks have a fantastic “Guide to Knitting.” More than 30 simple chic projects with step-by-step instructions.
    2. The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook”. Learn about all the different fiber types. This has more than 200 Fibers from animal to spun yarn.

    SpinCraft Patterns

    Hallelujah!!! I did it! The baby blanket is finished:  knit, ends worked in, washed blocked, photographed, written up as a knitting pattern, wrapped and shipped off to my daughter (who is expecting in January). It’s already sitting under her Christmas tree… To Baby from Santa!  It’s now available as a knitting pattern on SpinCraft Patterns.

    Basketweave Baby Blanket

    Quick Baby Blanket with Basketweave and Seed Stitch

    Good thing this pattern was quick, or Baby wouldn’t have her pre-first Christmas present! I guess the big question is… am I spoiling already!!!?

    I made mine with a soft cotton yarn. This is a quick and relaxing project with a simple basketweave pattern for the body of the blanket. Edging is picked up and knit in a double seed stitch.

    Click here for: Basketweave Baby Blanket

      Free Knitting Pattern

      Cute! Cute! Cute! This goes right along with the baby blanket pattern that I just finished! These adorable baby booties have clear instructions in a free .pdf file, and a very useful video from Youtube.

      What I love about this baby bootee pattern is the nice fit with the broad curved toes. The nice little top strap helps keep the bootee on those kicking little feet. There is nothing like beauty and practicality both together in one package!

      Click here for the Baby Bootee Video

        Free Knitting Stitch

        Even though I am not done with my Christmas presents, I am starting to plan for January! My youngest daughter has informed me that Mobius Scarves are very popular right now, so I am going to spend a month exploring the mobius. This is simply a joined scarf, or neck cowl with a twist.

        Pictured is a very simple one I am making for her with a 5-st seed stitch. Hoping to have it done by the time we drive off to see her this Friday.

        The easiest way to make or understand a mobius is to cut a strip of paper, give it one twist and tape the ends together. Go ahead and try it with some of that leftover wrapping paper sitting around your house! Both surfaces are now one continuous field.

        A Mobius Scarf does not have a front or back, which creates a challenge in coming up with a variety of stitches. Most of our prettiest patterns (cables, lace, textures, colors even) have a front and back side. If you want a great pattern for a mobius strip it has to be reversible! and it will also need to lay flat and not curl on the edges.

        I want to knit Mobius Scarves that are less boring than seed stitch!

        Please Help With Some Ideas

        So! I am on the lookout for reversible lace and texture stitches! Help from all you talented readers would be greatly appreciated.

        I found one fantastic reversible lace pattern on Youtube, (pictured at left) and have featured it on the newsletter site: I have yet to try it in a mobius though, so we’ll find out in January if it workd!

        Click here for the Reversible Lace Stitch.

        Meanwhile, please post your findings and swatches over at in the Swatch Swap Forum.

        A Techy Present

        Do something for yourself, your hubby, and all those friends dealing with the day-to-day complexities of the home computer… Ask Leo Your Tech Questions!

        My friend Leo Notenboom answers tech questions online and publishes a weekly newsletter. Unlike many of the Geek persuasion, Leo is a great writer and easy to understand. Not only can you get his newsletter free, but you can go online and ask him questions personally about your tech difficulties. Newsletter subscribers shoot up the daily queue onto his “Priority” list! On a bad computer day that can be better than Santa’s “Nice List.”

        Sign up free here:

          Till We Meet Again

          Enough already!  Thanks and Merry Christmas again to all of you who read this far! But let’s get back to our projects!

          Until next time, Happy Knitting

          Connie Delaney

          Knitting in the Round Part 1: Double Pointed Needles

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          This is the first part in a 3 part series on knitting in the round at small diameters. Other videos show knitting with 2 circulars and one long circular (magic loop). Check out all our free online tutorials at

          Nancy's Knit Knacks Double Pointed Needle Tubes

          Nancy’s Knit Knacks Double Pointed Needle Tubes

          Nancy's Knit Knacks Double Pointed Needle Tubes
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          A solution for holding and protecting your valuable and delicate Double Pointed Needles. Made of strong paper, these telescopic tubes have closed ends. Wide enough to hold 5 #10 US needles (or many more smaller needles or 2 to 4 larger needles). It also extends to fit 10″ needles and shortens to a total length of 6-1/2″. Tubes have inside diameters of 5/8″ and outside diameters of approx. 3/4″. 4 tubes per package.



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