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Knitting to Warm Up

Crazy mobius video, when drop stitches go good, twin leaf lace, four needles and more:

Knitters BioFor those of us in the northern climes, February often starts to seem long… every once in awhile we get a hint of spring, and then the cold sets back in. Maybe that’s why they set up this month with less days than the others, so we don’t go crazy!

For us knitters, though, it’s still a good excuse to cuddle up with some wool and keep working on our projects. The garden is starting to beckon, but there is still time to relax with our needles.

This week we have a short newsletter, and just a few projects to look at. After all, who wants to be in front of the computer when we can be knitting?

Knitting With 4 Needles

One of my passions is making knitting easy and fun. Learning to knit with double pointed needles is one of the most essential skills for increasing both the fun and the ease of knitting. Yes, there are lots of ways to knit tubes on circular needles, but the DP is so fast, and such a carefree way to go, that I always like to promote it.

We are featuring a video this month with a great look at four needle knitting. Not only will you get to see how easy it is, this gal is knitting an awesome leg warmer with a cable stitch!

Click here for Knitting With 4 Needles

Knitted Lace

We are starting out with a beautiful book on knitted lace.  I usually like to feature books from Amazon that give us a good look inside, and am especially partial to great pictures (because we at least get a free look at something inspiring that way). But this is an older book and doesn’t have those features. I selected this book both for the subject, and the fact that Amazon has a bunch of used copies through outside vendors. It’s a great way to inexpensively upgrade your lace skills.

Click here for A Creative Guide to Knitting Lace

Drop Stitch Tutorial

Susan Banderson works us through a beautiful stitch for a “Taiyo Reversible Scarf” with a drop stitch. She takes what we usually think of as a mistake, a drop stitch, and turns it into a beautiful pattern.

Click here for Drop Stitch Tutorial

Twin Leaf Lace Scarf

This is a very short little “show off” video that is worth a minute to watch. A long long long lace scarf with beautiful twin leaf lace stitch pattern. I believe the pattern is available from Vogueknitting, but they don’t bombard us with any advertisements… so it’s safe to watch for pure inspiration!

Click here for Twin Leaf Scarf

The Difference Between a Standard
Tube and Mobius Tube


This is a very goofy video, and it’s about crochet, but gives a good idea of what happens when you add that half twist to make a mobius. This video demonstrates one thing I haven’t experimented with yet. What happens if you knit a mobius tube without a reversible stitch?

That’s a big question because if you are knitting a pattern that has a front and a back, but are knitting it in a mobius tube that has no front or back… what happens?

I’m still not sure I get it, and this video has weird starts and stops, but I’m very glad I watched it. It kind of made my mind go a little crazy trying to imagine how it would work to knit it, and so now I’m going to have to try!!!

Click here for: The difference between a standard tube and a mobius tube.

Beautiful Yarns

We have three beautiful yarns to showcase this week: a crazy pink mohair that will fluff up to a huge halo, an off white with little wheat speckles, and a beautiful grey mohair that looks so so soft. Man! Is this stuff scrumptious!

Keep the Inspiration Coming!

Thank you all for subscribing to my newsletter. Sitting down and putting this together each Tuesday gives me such a great look into the wonderfully evolving world of fiber arts. I hope my finds each week keep you inspired with your creations. As always, you can leave comments on any of the posts at

Happy Knitting!

Connie Delaney



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