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Metroid Prime (GC) Part 65 – Final Boss: Metroid Prime (Final Phase) + Ending

Rating: 5
Part 65 of my Metroid Prime Video Walkthrough. Metroid Prime reveals his true form and the final part of this battle begins. At this point, your heart must be beating very fast. One last push and the adventure will finally be over. I used to be scared of this guy, whenever he came near me, Plus, the music playing throughout this battle can easily make you nervous. But try to ignore all that. This boss is VERY EASY! His only attack is a shockwave attack, which you can easily dodge by jumping over it. Wait until he creates a small pool of pure Phazon. Then he will become invisible. Keep this pattern in mind. Invisible in Combat Visor = switch to X-Ray Visor Invisible in X-Ray Visor = Switch to Thermal Visor Invisible in Thermal Visor = Swtich to Combat Visor. Switch to the correct visor, step into the Phazon pool and fire away. Later, Prime will create some Metroids along with the pool. Blast them to bits with a Power Bomb and then proceed owning Prime himself. The Metroids will drop Power Bomb ammo most of the time. So don’t hesitate to use them. And that’s it for this boss. Now enjoy the battle and the ending. Credits: Metroid Prime is © of Nintendo/Retro Studios



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