SpinCraft Knitting Patterns

This site brought to you by SpinCraft Knitting Patterns: where you can learn a knit calculation system that will enable you to knit so it fits.

With the SpinCraft Knitting System it’s a whole new way to knit.

Knit So It Fits

What you do is take measurements of both your swatch and the person you are knitting for. Then you do some simple calculations to find out how much to cast on, when to shape and how to finish. You can add your own creative touch to your work including adding your own stitches, selecting a favorite yarn, change lengths and widths.

SpinCraft has everything from socks to sweaters: hats, vests, mittens, ponchos–you name it! All patterns are the original creation of Connie Delaney, written with our special calculation method so you can use any yarn and get the right size in an easy, and creative way!




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Knit So It Fits