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Knitters BioThis week we’ve got fiber artists from around the world, knitting two things at one time, socks, and cute gifts.

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Hello again everyone. As always, I am amazed at the fiber knowledge I find online, and inspired to finish up some projects of my own.

Today was quite chilly, and my ankles were feeling drafty under my desk. It turned out to be a great time to finish up the ankle warmers I started a month ago.

What’s cool about this project is that I knit the two pieces of the set at the same time on one needle using double knitting. When I was done, pulled one out of the other and presto! A pair! I’ve posted the pattern to SpinCraft Patterns, and also made a Youtube video showing how to do the double knitting.



Ankle Warmers: It’s that time of year when it is nice to keep the ankles warm. This floppy pair of leg warmers suits the bill, and not only that… the pattern is written so you can knit them both at the same time, one inside the other, using double knitting.

It’s a little crazy to learn, but so worth it! Double Knitting makes the project extra fun, and you don’t have to knit that second piece!


Don’t let socks scare you: This week’s posts features two videos on Socks:


I found some amazing… did I say AMAZING, videos on fiber arts in traditional villages. Some are in Turkish, but amazing to watch. These are women who live in areas where fiber arts are still a way of life, and they follow the old methods. It’s such a valuable thing to keep track of that I created a whole new category on to hold them.

Watch all the Traditional videos here:


And finally, a cute little gift. Here is a precious little girl with her knitting and her doll: a perfect gift for the fiber artists in your life (or maybe you if you are good at giving hints)

Small Girl Knitting with Basket of Yarn

Stitches & Patterns

Knitting stitch of the week: Bamboo Stitch


Bamboo Stitch is a 2 row repeat over an even number of sts

Row 1: K2 (YO, K2, pass YO over the 2 knit sts) rep across row. End k2

Row 2: P across row

That’s it! Just that simple.


I’m thinking that the knitting stitches are getting lost in this newsletter… which always gets too big each week. I think I am going to turn Stitch of the Week in to an extra, very short, email that comes out on Fridays. So be looking for that. As a matter of fact, I’ll add a link to a free knitting pattern each Friday also! That will be fun.

Happy Knitting!

Connie Delaney


2 Responses to New for the Week

  • Jo Jo says:

    Great time saver knitting two warmers at same time. No doubt it would work for things like mittens until it came to shaping when you could separate them.

    Desperate to find pattern for Triple Knitting wool, cardigan for 3 year old.

  • admin says:

    I don’t know Triple Knitting. If anyone does, leave a hint!



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