Moebius pt 3 – working a bit

Rating: 5
This is just to finish up what the previous clip started. I couldn’t fit actually working a bit in pattern into that clip, so this is just in case anyone wants to see what it’s like. It’s really very straightforward, though. Since the edge of the moebius loop is continuous, there’s no turning involved. Just work until you reach the stitch marker, and then slip the stitch marker and keep going in pattern. I didn’t have time to finish the scarf and demonstrate binding off, but any stretchy bind-off works great, and finish the last stitch like you would for any project worked in the round. A stretchy edge is necessary because knitted fabric isn’t very horizontally stable, so when you tug the finished loop open, it will stretch out and settle into its finished dimensions (especially if blocked). A stretchy bind-off will let it settle comfortably as wide as it wants to go. I like stretchy bind-offs for scarves and more stable bind-offs for stoles and large pieces. I mention pieces that I’ve worked in this k2p2 pattern before. There are no clips of these pieces, I have them in my Ravelry project pages.



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