Moebius cast-on pt2 – what to do with the invisible cast-on

Rating: 3
This picks up from part 1, which was the invisible cast-on. Part 3 just shows me working in pattern for a bit. 10min is a lot shorter than it seems when dealing with something this fiddly. Keep in mind that casting on a moebius loop doubles the total number of stitches, so there’s no way of casting on an odd number. I get around this by working 2st together, either when picking up the provisional stitches in the cast-on, or when working the first round. I’m a Combined knitter, so my purls are oriented Eastern. If they look funny, that’s why. Sorry the cable of the needle is so hard to see, that was the only needle I had available for this. I prefer to use my vintage nylon needles, both because the join is smooth and because the needles flex enough to give me extra play when working the first few rounds.



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