Moebius aka Möbius

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Moebius, a German mathematician from the beginning of the 18th century, who developed the magically twisted circle ring on which this knitting technique is based. Use a long circular needle – at least 32 inch. Cast on around double needle points. Number of sts cast on divided by gauge will give finished diameter. Pull out one needle and move sts to needle with no working yarn. With other side of needle pick up sts in each long loop under each stitch all around. (Since not picking up in the first st you will end up with an odd total number of sts). The needles should now be on the outside of the cable and the cable is twisted one time on the middle. Join and start knitting in the round. First time you get to the starting tail you have worked all sts cast on on needle and now you will make first round on the sts picked up and first time you work these you knit in the back loop. Following rounds will be worked in front loop as normally. If you keep knitting in the round ahlf your work will be in stockinette and half in reversed stockinette. Since you have an odd number of sts you could K1,P1 all around and your moebius will be all in seed sts.



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