Metroid 2: Return of Samus (GB) Playthrough Part 02 – Area 1 [ 2 / 2 ]

Rating: 5
[100% upgrades (only one Beam Upgrade: Ice)] [Metroid Counter: 34] *Alpha Metroid x 4 The Alpha Metroids are not hard, but their movement pattern which later is present in Gamma Metroids makes them sneaky targets as they move a short distance and then pause. This doesn’t sound like much but most often Samus must shoot Missiles at the direction the Metroid is headed towards to damage it, so this can be a chore and can greatly waste away Missiles. Samus’ returning long knockback distance makes an unwelcome return because it greatly hampers the Metroid encounters. The best way to battle Alpha and Gamma Metroids, is to attack from the bottom. Also before you reach an Alpha Metroid, you can always shoot one Missile before it becomes active and thus easily scores one surefire shot. This doesn’t work for later Metroid evolutions since an animation plays at the start of the encounter which negates the Missile fired UNLESS you time it just right so that the Missile is still in the air and immediately hits the Metroid once the evolution animation finishes.



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