Laidback Knitters, Cable St, Knitting Board and more…

Knitters BioToday’s new posts feature some amazing tips and techniques from across the web:

Laidback Knitters: Like really… we don’t knit to add more stress to our lives, do we? This is a beautiful book, and a great idea. Maybe sometimes we want to knit something extremely complicated… but most the time simple and fun is the key. That is the message of Holistic Knitting.

Knitting a Cable Stitch: Cable stitches are really fun to do. Basically you are twisting stitches around as you knit… but in a particular pattern. We all love the look of cable knitting. This video helps you get started in making this technique you own… and knocking out some fabulous sweaters, hats and mittens with cables.

A Knitting Board! What the heck is that. You’ll be surprised to learn what a handy tool it is, and the amazing projects you can knit with a knitting board.

Last Minute Knitted Gifts: It’s getting right on that time to be making Christmas and holiday gifts. Here are some ideas for quick gifts that knit up quick.



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