Knitting Machine Tricks & Tips

A knitting machine is not as intimidating as one may think. For novice hobbyists trying out their new equipment, here are a few tricks and tips that can help you save time when creating exquisite machine-knitted pieces.

To keep your buttons from falling off machine knitted garments, use a dental floss or fishing line instead of thread to fasten them to your garments. Conceal the line or floss by knitting yarn over it. Fishing line and dental floss are also great for making ravel cords.

Pins tend to get in the way when you are running a garment through the knitting machine. When working with zippers, set them in place using fabric glue instead of pins. Whenevr the glue dries out completely, you may sew the zipper on the fabric smoothly. Before applying glue, treat the fabric with anti-shrinking chemical to maintain its form during washing.

Fairisle refers to a stitch of two yarn colors knitted on a single row. Most knitting machines can do single fairisle stitches, with slip stitch options to accommodate three to four more colors. On the other hand, Intarsia lets you knit as many colors as you want on the same row as long as you use the right needles.

Emily Watson
About the Author:


About The Author:
Emily Watson loves knitting of any kind and in particular machine knitting. She regularly writes articles about knitting, machine knitting and how to make money from knitting or crochet.

Emily started a comprehensive blog on the topic of machine knitting because she was asked so many questions about machine knitting and what is the best www.machineknittingadvice.comwhere you will find her advice, ideas and reviews on knitting machines.




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