Knitting in December

December is often a fast flurry of finishing up knitting projects before Christmas. We have some fast and beautiful projects to help!

Knitting News

Knitters BioBrrrrr… We are cold here in Idaho, but I don’t mind. I’m going to kick back this evening, stoke the stove up, and finish a knitting project.

Like many knitters, I am looking at the calendar and going, “Opps!” Time is quickly running out to get my Christmas presents done. So I can’t waste a minute.

I also very much enjoy watching money not gush out of my pockets as the day of giving approaches, and feel a bit of pride that I am contributing to a greater sense of care with my handcrafted gifts. I’m also helping out all my friends and family who seem to be keeping the heat turned down a few more notches than they used to!


The streaming engine on has picked up some amazing training videos and ideas for the week. Here is a sampling of the best:


Weekend Hats:

The scrumptious pictures in this book are enough to make me want to pick up some new yarn and start knitting… and the idea of getting an entire project done in a weekend is all the more enticing. This is a compilation of hat patterns from 21 designers in one beautiful collection.
Click here for more:


Diagonal Eyelet Mosiac Pattern

Isn’t this beautiful! This pattern combines a diagonal mosaic pattern with a lacy twist.  This would make a lovely sweater, shawl or blanket.

The pattern  is from Vogue Knitting Stitch a Day Calendar, and the training video is posted to Youtube by “Knitting and Purling” blog. She does a great job in teaching the stitch visually .

Click here to see: Diagonal Mosiac Knitting Pattern


African Tote

I am starting to have so many projects laying around by my TV Chair that this large-size woven tote caught my eye. I like it because it stands up by itself and will be easy to reach in and grab what I want.

Click here for the African Tote


Knit Headband

We are featuring a full 5-part video series on knitting a quick headband. Each video is very short, and a full write-up of the pattern is also included

Here’s the Headband


As always, there are more things than I can hope to go through in this short newsletter including:



Over at SpinCraft Patterns we are all set for a new pattern… but not quite ready.  If you ever think that getting a knitting newsletter once a week is too much… try creating a new pattern each week! Of course it can’t be done, or shouldn’t be done, and I wouldn’t even try. The only reason it came to mind was because I actually did a pattern a week for two weeks in November!

I have finished my baby blanket, but have yet to work in the ends, wash, block and write up the pattern. With a little bit of luck it will be ready for next Tuesday’s newsletter

Till We Meet Again

As always, come and leave questions, suggestions and your own knitting knowledge in the comments section. As we get more comments we’ll start to include pertinent ones along with the newsletter.

There is so much great stuff available, but I strive each week to keep the newsletter short. So I’ll sign off with this.

The goal is to have a short newsletter each Tuesday with something to wet your appetite for the fiber arts, and each Friday to send a quick Stitch of the Week and Pattern of the Week. So see you soon!

Happy Knitting

Connie Delaney



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