Knit a Moebius or Infinity Scarf – Knitting Daily TV 303 with Adina Klein

Rating: 4

This is the video that got me off wrong in my mobius thinking. Turns out you can’t create a true mobius scarf by casting on, giving the knitting a twist and happily knitting away.

It makes a really cool scarf, true, but it’s not a mobius. Casting on in this simple way creates a scarf with a full twist. Very cool to wear, can be beautiful, makes a great gift: but it is not a mobius.

A true mobius scarf has a half twist. And that’s a little wild to create. Fortunately, for us knitters, the wilder it is… the more we love it! Diving into true mobius knitting is addicting and fulfilling.

In Knitting Daily Episode 303 we explore reversible garments that look great on both sides of the work, showing the same clean, finished fabric no matter how you wear it. Adina Klein from Tahki Stacy Charles joins Shay to demonstrate the reversible mobius pattern a simple, yet stylish design for all occasions using a “faggot lace” technique. Download the free moebius pattern online at



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