February Knitting News

Shimmering Yarn, more reversible cables, Norwegian knits, circular tubes and the Knitting Song!

Knitters BioHappy February everyone! Hope your knitting is keeping you warm.

This week we have feasts for both the eyes and ears. You’ll be able to listen to Bill Oddie singing the “Knitting Song” while you browse through shimmering colors and textures.

It’s one of those sad realities of life that we can’t knit everything! Fortunately, it is often as satisfying to look and feel all the wonderful creations. Praise to Youtube and beautiful books and magazines to help us feast our eyes! I find that my best ideas are compilations of things I see, so I always love to look.

The Knitting Song

What a great find from Youtube! Bill Oddie singing “The Knitting Song.” This is so funny with everything that can rhyme with “knit” and sung instructions on how to pull the loop.

More Reversible Cables

Beautiful stitches for scarves are rare, because both sides of scarves will show while wearing. Both sides don’t have to be exactly the same, but they do have to look great! From Youtube, this week, we have a truly reversible cable pattern that looks the same on both sides.

Norwegian Mittens & Gloves

I have loved Norwegian patterns since I was a little girl.I had an old Norwegian knit book from the 20’s and slowly tried to knit through them all. I love the way the colors form under my hands and how perfectly it all comes out!

So you can imagine how excited I was to find a book full of Norwegian mittens and gloves. ¬†Click on the “Look Inside” link on Amazon.com. They are very generous with free pages from this book and beautiful photographs.

Shimmering Yarn

I love those fluffy yarns that grow the more you wear them. Lion Brand has a lovely eyelash yarn that is very cool. We are featuring a lovely rust color… but that is nothing compared to Beaded Mohair and Sequins yarn from the Impressionist Collection! Get ready to shine!

-or- if you have an urge to make your own… Here is a book on spinning your own fancy yarns:

Circular Tubes

Some people hate to knit with double pointed needles. I don’t know why, because they never seem all that hard to me. But I grew up with double pointed needles and experience always makes things easier.

One great technique that has come along to help avoid the double pointed needles, and still knit small tubes, is done with two double pointed needles. We have a great video showing how it is done.

Till We Meet Again…

I can’t get everything done that I want, but fortunately the life of knitting is soft and rhythmic. I think the real moral of knitting, and of handspinning too, is goes slow; it takes a completely different pace than the rest of our lives.

So here’s to the next stitch, and as the Knitting Song says, “But me, I’m gonna just sit down and knit!”

Happy Knitting!

Connie Delaney






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