Discover Knitting for Beginners

I have already covered what the basic knitting yarn is for knitting and now I’m taking it a little bit further by explaining knitting for the beginners.

Knitting is really fun and easy to follow. If it’s your fist time knitting I would suggest that you exercise a few rows of knitting before choosing a difficult pattern. I started off by knitting some scarfs and small teddie bears. It’s basically the same stitches and rows over and over but that’s the easiest way to learned.

First we need to cover what you will be needing to start knitting.

1. Knitting Needles:

Your needles actually makes a big difference when you knit. As the size will depend how loose or tight your stitches will be and depending on your design what type of needles to use.

Straight: the one end of the needle has a sharp point and the other end has a knob so that the stitches can’t fall off. These needles are the most common ones used and are mostly used for flat patterns.

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Just continue these same steps and in no time you will see that you have knitting for beginners steps and hope this made things a little better to understand and learn.




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