Crochet Stitches In Motion

Crochet Stitches In Motion

  • An innovative learning DVD for crocheting
  • Features twelve pattern stitches
  • Plus 8 bonus projects
  • Ideal for all skill levels
  • Close up and detailed instructions

Crochet Stitches In Motion
List Price: $19.95
Your Price: $10.85- Crochet Stitches In Motion

With this groundbreaking DVD it is so easy now to improve your crocheting and increase your confidence. Simply sit shoulder-to-shoulder with a friendly expert as she puts crochet in motion for you. With close-up photos from the crocheter’s point of view you will learn 12 intriguing pattern stitches that can energize your projects. The Stitch-Along format automatically pauses periodically waiting until you click Play to set your own pace and a commentary shares invaluable advice as you crochet. Then you get to practice what you have learned with 8 fun projects: a stroller blanket flower adult hat and scarf kerchief mobius wrap placemat and dishcloth. Paired with a comprehensive reference library A-to-Z Index basic refresher course and inspiring ideas this DVD is like having your own personal instructor 24 hours a day. Enjoy! Run time: 100 minutes.



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