Coloring Outside the Lines Carding a Blended Ding Batt

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Blending a multitude of fibers, colors and textures on a drum card to make a “ding batt” for hand spinning. I’m sure others have done something very similar, but when I started doing this about 10 years ago I didn’t know of anyone else doing anything like it so I called the batts “ding batts” – named them after myself – a dingie blonde. There are rules – fiber must be clean and no junk allowed. Fiber in final batt must be well prepared. If you card in texture – which you must – it can’t be texture because you don’t prepare the fiber, must be planned nubs and noils etc. You must have at least 3 different colors, fibers and textures – generally I have many more. Ding batts are best for doing small bits of things – I’ll go into my “ding batt scarf” later – as it’s difficult to produce enough for a large project. It’s easy to do two matching batts, as demonstrated in this video, but more than three and it gets quite complex. There are three types on ding batts – blended (shown here), mixed and layered which will be shown in two more videos as soon as I get time to do them. Thanks to my friend Bethany who was visiting for a week for helping with the demo. She is a new spinner and this was her introduction to a drum card, blending lots of fibers – and play time in my garage.



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