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The true twist on mobius, two-sided lace, swirl sweaters, calendar time,  and more double-pointed knitting.

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Knitters BioHappy Holidays! I hope everyone had a great weekend and are recovering …  because New Years is next.

As I’ve been traveling to visit family, eating and sharing I’ve also been knitting happily away on mobius scarf projects. I’ve figured out the ins and outs of the twist, and over the next week will be putting together instructions and videos to make it easier for everyone to understand.

That’s how we’ll start the new year with Spincraft Pattern Newsletter. Mobius is addicting. So if you haven’t tried it before, be ready for a whole new adventure.

Understanding Mobius

There is a lot of information on the net about knitting mobius scarves. I have come to find that some of it is right and some not quite so right.

Mobius is a mathematical anomaly. The simplest form is made by taking a strip of paper (or a flat scarf), giving it a half twist, and taping the ends together. If you do that you’ll notice that there is no front and back of the strip.  Follow the two edges with your finger and you’ll see that there is no beginning, end, right or left to the edges either. That’s because it wraps around and around, always coming back to the place it started.

There is the trick right there … it has to be a half twist or the edges aren’t joined right and then it is not a mobius.

There are actually three things I found when I was searching the web.

First is the Infinity Scarf: What is typically called an Infinity Scarf is not a mobius. Usually an “Infinity Scarf” is simply a circular scarf with no twist. You give it a twist when you put it on, but other than that it can be folded flat.

Full Twist Scarves: There are a lot of patterns that say they are a mobius when in reality they are full twist scarves. These are made by knitting in the round, but instead of following the usual instructions to “Join, being careful not to twist sts”, you join being careful to give it a twist. Problem is that this gives the scarf a full twist, and brings us to the real mystery of the mobius.

Half Twist True Mobius: All the information I found on the true mobius was very difficult to understand. It’s this crazy cast on, around and around a long circular needle. The instructions are clear, but the why is mysterious. I intend to demystify the why.


Mobius right and wrong … We have two sample videos on that show the full twist and half twist ways of making the scarf.


The True Mobius

This is a short video, and link to a pattern that shows a true mobius with a half twist. This is a crochet pattern, but I chose it because it shows the twist so clearly.

> Click here for the Crochet Mobius


Full Twist Mobius

Here is a video that shows a mobius, or infinity scarf that is a full twist.

> Click here for the full twist version.


Below is a picture of a scarf I made following the “join with a twist” instructions. In my scarf you can clearly see the full twist. This is a beautiful scarf made with a great two-sided lace that I will be sharing next week. But it’s not a mobius. It’s a full twist circular scarf.

My second example is a beautiful full-twist scarf made with a soft wool in 6 st seed stitch. It’s folded around once like you would wear it on your neck. Very beautiful, but not a mobius!

Stay tuned for next week when I’ll share the how and they why to make it happen properly. I’ve figured out a way to explain it that is going to make sense!

Recent Comments

Tina says:
December 20, 2011 at 8:34 pm

I must be the only person on the planet who prefers to learn new stitches from charts rather than videos. Does anyone have a chart for this? It’s a very cool stitch and I’m on a Mobius kick at the moment. If not, I’ll chart it myself and ask Connie to post it somewhere…

cheers – Tina

Thanks Tina for the reminder. I also think that charts are the way to go. It’s time consuming to make them right, though, so anyone who wants to help make charts for any of our stitch patterns, please jump in and help. I’ll post them.

Meanwhile, we also have the following items to share.

Swirly Sweater Book

You know all those great round sweaters everyone is wearing? Here’s a book of swirly sweaters. Lavish photographs and 18 unique designs.

> Click here for Swirly Sweaters


Time for a calendar… and of course you’ll want a knitting one.

> Click here for Knitting Calendar

Double Pointed Needles

One more shot at double pointed needles if you didn’t get it last week. Here’s another video.

> Click here for Double Pointed Needles

A Techy Present

And finally, one final plug for my friend Leo Notenboom. Join his newsletter and he’ll help you work you way through the maze of your own computer:  Ask Leo Your Tech Questions!

> Sign up free here:

Till We Meet Again

Thanks again for reading, I hope you enjoyed my first dabbles into mobius and looking forward to more to come.

Happy New Year and  Happy Knitting

Connie Delaney




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