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Rating: 5 Beside the production of high quality baby alpaca knitwear Elegant Alpaca supports traditional weavers in the Peruvian Andes. They produce their products as they did in Inca time. They produce their own yarn and only use natural dyes. Elegant Alpaca promotes some of their products, like handbags, table cloth, and waist belts. Elegant Alpaca also uses their weavings in other fashion applications. Elegant Alpaca is an exclusive line of quality luxury clothes produced with the finest Alpaca fibers. Our collection only uses noble fibers and our processes are environment and nature friendly. All of our garments are carefully designed and selected, and have unique thermal properties because of the air pockets of the extremely soft and lightweight alpaca fibers

Navajo Weaving

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A mother teaches her son the art of Navajo Weaving.

Paleo Recipe Book

Lets face it. The diet you should eat to have more energy than you ever imagined, lose weight, sleep like a baby, and stay healthy is the diet provided by Mother Nature.
This is the diet that we (human beings) ate for millions of years before modern agriculture. You see, our paleolithic ancestors didn’t suffer from some of our modern burdens, like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, tooth decay and a host of other maladies.
Try the Paleo Recipe Book and see how this amazing diet can give you your life back.

The Paleo Recipe Book

Over 370 recipes and a bonus meal plan. You get instant access to the Paleo Recipe Book when going through our link. Wheat free and lactose free.


Thai Silk – Spinning Grandmas


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Ellerin Türküsü – Taşkale Halıları 1


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Varanasi Weavers – I


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Ellerin Türküsü – Taşkale Halıları 3


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