Knitting Tutorial for Beginners- 6. Joining Squares

Rating: 4
In this video you will learn how to use a couple of different methods to join two pieces of squares, swatches, or anything you knit that you want to come together to form a finish piece. Its usually used when you want to make a seam to join the front and back of a sweater, or panels of a hat. This video will first show you how to ‘weaving method’. This is my favorite because it is almost invisible, and it makes a strong seam. Second method is the ‘running stitch’. This is an easy way to bind your two pieces together. With this method you have an option of either showing the stitch for a fun color contrast, or flipping it inside out to see a seamless seam. Third method is the ‘whipstich’. Its similar to weaving, but instead you whip back around to stitch. So instead of sewing front to back then back to front, you would sew back to front whip back and sew again back to front. Itll make more sense when you watch the video. This seam gives you sort of a bounded end. Fourth is a modern edgy look using safety pins. Definetly not grandmas style.

Left Hand Version – How to Make crochet HairPin Lace

Rating: 4

How to Knit Lace – Lesson 6

Rating: 5
Learn to knit lace with Kerin, designer for Knit Picks. In this lesson, Kerin talks through the tools you’ll need for blocking lace and gives some tips and tricks.

4 Royal Sunrise Pattern Crochet

Rating: 5
Royal Sunrise

Advanced Knitting Instructions : Advanced Knitting: Fixing Cables Without Ripping Stitches Pt. 1

Rating: 5
In knitting, it’s possible to fix mistakes in cables without ripping stitches. Fix knitting mistakes with tips from a knitting teacher in this free video on hand crafting. Expert: Pam Grushkin Bio: Pam Grushkin learned to knit at a young age, and she now teaches knitting both independently and through yarn shops. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

lk2g-020 Knitting with Holes

Rating: 4
Check out for complete show notes with links! In this episode of our Video Podcast, we demonstrate lace techniques and how to read charts. LetsKnit2gether celebrates our 1 year anniversary (podiversary?) with this episode. Thanks for watching this past year, and we look forward to many new shows in Year 2! On the set: Books: * Meg Swansen’s A Gathering of Lace * Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns * Stitch & Motif Maker Software Our book review: * Donna Druchunas’ Artic Lace Personal Story * Shaped Triangle Shawl designed by Two Old Bags from the book A Gathering of Lace made with Cashmere/merino laceweight (discontinued) completed 2002 What am I wearing: * Garter lace shawl with Horseshoe lace border (my design) made with LionBrand Homespun in Tudor completed 2003 We’re going to Rhinebeck! We’ll be there both days and there’s a Letsknit2gether meetup on Saturday 10/20 3:00pm at the picnic tables by the food carts in front of building A.

I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Cables

Rating: 4
You’ve always admired those talented knitters who can create dazzling designs like Aran cardigans. Now you can count yourself among them! These easy instructions will have you showing off your own knitted cables in no time. We start with the basics and add a new concept or technique until you’ve finished your first project. After that, you can create the remaining cabled items that range from simple to simply stunning. Step-by-step directions demystify the whole process, and there’s even more assistance online, with a podcast demo of working cables without a cable needle. purchase @

lace front wig, glue less lace front wig application from

Rating: 4
When you shop at you get a $5.00 discount coupon. See code below. Discount coupon is: desi for 5$ discount coupon Lace front stock wig, lace in front and machine weft in back . Hand made in the front. Body wave pattern. sw081 1# stock lace front wig body wave See More Remy Hair Facts http John Frieda Collection Frizz-Ease Dream Curls Curl Perfecting Spray **Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the products mentioned, or shown in this video. This wig was submitted for consideration by Any positive or negative reviews I’ve given on any product is my opinion, and is based on my personal use. Please remember that results do vary, what works for some may not work for others. Thanks For Watching!! Love Ya!!!

[4/7] PunchOut! – Mac's Last Stand (Elimination Mode)

Rating: 5
VS Soda Popinski, Von Kaiser and Aran Ryan [skipped] —————- Mac’s Last Stand is a mode of play that opens up after you beat the 2nd round versions (Title Defense) of every character. It’s basically an elimination match which doesn’t allow you to restart or quit a match and only gives you three losses. Then it’s over. For GOOD. They lock your career mode and you can’t take the challenge ever again. (Y’know, unless you start a new file.) You need to clear at least 10 matches to WIN-win (and unlock Champion mode) and face the super-secret character to be able to challenge him in exhibition mode. The opponents come at you at random, and apparently can repeat, too! (Don’t worry, I only show the knockout punch on those) It’s one intense round of ’bouts, but it sure is a satisfying way to end the game! *********** Soda Popinski – I managed to figure out a pattern to use against this guy. He’s normally a HUGE pain, espescially if I don’t TKO him in round one, ’cause then he goes into a hyper mode that is a pain to try and take out. Von Kaiser – Not much to say on this guy, just need to dodge his hooks and his extremely predictable super move. Though, I do have to admit he has a nice fake in there (which unfortunately he uses to push me into another round!) Aran Ryan [Skipped] – Beating this dude netted me my tenth win and Champions Mode – Woo!

Crochet Baby Imagination Sweater Filet Stitch Part 3 of 3

Rating: 0
With permission of Mikeyssmail i have created this tutorial to show you how you can change the Imagination sweater Mikeyssmail tutorial found here you need to complete the first 7 rows of Mikeys pattern Stay up to date with Twitter and FaceBook – Just search for Bobwilson123. Share you latest projects, ideas and photos Don’t have a FaceBook Page? Share your photos and send them to I will use them in a video to share with other YouTube viewers Find the Master List of Video’s here

How to Make a Wavy Lanyard Stitch

Rating: 5
Im gonna show you how to make a wavy type stitch that i got from craftasticcutie. this is the first part that shows you how to make the stitch the 2nd part i wil be uploading is just the results and how to end the stitch soo thanks for watching! 🙂 …and this is a very old video i never got a chance too upload! thankzz yu a bunches byee.

Learn to Knit Your First Scarf Part 4

Rating: 4
To purchase this pattern, visit: This series of seven videos teaches you the basics of knitting, and gets you going on your first project. If you’d like to follow along with the pattern we’re using, you can purchase and download the pattern here: This video teaches you how to do the knit stitch.



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