Mobius Knit

Flamenco Scarf Knit

Rating: 1
Flamenco Scarf Knit.

Old Norwegian Knit cast on aka twisted German

Rating: 4
A cast on that gives a sturdy and stretchy baseline of stitches. Perfect for the top of socks, edge on hats or whenever you want very stretchy cast on.

Stricken lernen * Runden stricken mit zwei Nadeln

Rating: 4 * Wie Du einen offenen Schlauch mit 2 Nadeln anstatt mit 5 Nadeln strickst, lernst Du mit diesem Video. Rundstricken mit zwei Nadeln kannst Du für Handstulpen, Beinwärmer, Mützen und viele andere Stricksachen einsetzen.

Stricken * Dreieckstuch "Evergreen" mit Blattrand

Rating: 4 * Es ist kein Baktus, es ist kein Hitchhiker, es ist ein asymmetrisches Dreieck mit einem Rand aus Ajourblättern. Wie Du dieses wunderschöne Tuch ganz einfach strickst, lernst Du mit diesem Video…

Infinity scarf

Rating: 5
Front post double crochet and double crochet

Tutorial for C&C crochet technique

Rating: 5
Tutorial for C&C crochet technique (Chain&Crochet) by Fibreromance.I have been thinking, how to add volume to my scarf. I could work project double stranded, but that is to obvious and then it make scarf thick and I was looking to have it soft and warm same time, with little bit different new structure. I made it in C&C crochet technique, which is simply Chain&Crochet. I chain very long string first and then I used as a regular yarn. I worked with hook size 16 mm, that was great and very quickly done, and even I used ordinary Bernat yarn (blend wool) finished project has very extraordinary look.

Knit-along with Knitting Daily TV: Free Knitted Scarf Pattern from Series 500

Rating: 5
Download the free scarf pattern: and learn to knit this colorful stitch sampler scarf in the new season of Knitting Daily TV, featuring knitter Zontee Hou. Each week Zontee will walk viewers step-by-step in the show’s first-ever knit-along, the Fallen Leaves Scarf. This colorful scarf features basketweave, seed stitch, and simple colorwork. Follow along with Eunny and Zontee in upcoming episodes as they walk you through the knitting of this scarf with step-by-step instructions. Download the pattern for the Fallen Leaves Scarf to get started:

Moebius pt 3 – working a bit

Rating: 5
This is just to finish up what the previous clip started. I couldn’t fit actually working a bit in pattern into that clip, so this is just in case anyone wants to see what it’s like. It’s really very straightforward, though. Since the edge of the moebius loop is continuous, there’s no turning involved. Just work until you reach the stitch marker, and then slip the stitch marker and keep going in pattern. I didn’t have time to finish the scarf and demonstrate binding off, but any stretchy bind-off works great, and finish the last stitch like you would for any project worked in the round. A stretchy edge is necessary because knitted fabric isn’t very horizontally stable, so when you tug the finished loop open, it will stretch out and settle into its finished dimensions (especially if blocked). A stretchy bind-off will let it settle comfortably as wide as it wants to go. I like stretchy bind-offs for scarves and more stable bind-offs for stoles and large pieces. I mention pieces that I’ve worked in this k2p2 pattern before. There are no clips of these pieces, I have them in my Ravelry project pages.

Whisky Cowl: How to Twist and Garter Stitch Grafting Technique

Rating: 0
In this video, I teach you how to twist your Whisky Cowl and graft it together seamlessly in garter stitch. You can get my Whisky Cowl pattern on Ravelry and Craftsy! It’s a very stylish chunky knitted infinity scarf.

How To Wear Wednesdays — the SNOOD

Rating: 3
Creator of custom made scarves. This is part of a series showing you creative ways to wear your scarves.

Mobius scarf made from animal print jersey

Rating: 5
A mobius style scarf I made from a animal print jersey fabric

Knit and Crochet with Yarn – Fiber, Texture, Weight, How to substitute in patterns

Rating: 4
Please be sure to subscribe to Naztazia’s channel! This video shows the basics of yarn, including fiber content, textures, sizes, standards, weights and substituting yarn in knitting and crocheting patterns. Yarn label guides such as weight classification and gauge are covered. Also discussed are tools to measure WPI or Wraps per Inch for mystery yarns. I purchased my WPI Tool and Knit Card from Knit Picks at



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