WonderSock II Loom Knitting Equipment – Preview

Rating: 4
Want to do elegant socks that are so easy. Check out this high end precision loom knitting tool. It is fully adjustable from babies, to adults. Maybe even make Doggy Socks or Golf Club Protectors. Check out for more details on their wood and high grade plastic looming equipment. Mikey is using a professional looming pick. It’s amazing to have the right tools. He is using Mosiac yarn by Bernat in this demonstration.

How I knit – Continental Combined

Rating: 4
For the Ravelry “I’ll show you mine…” thread. This is how I knit; Continental Combined of the Western knit/Eastern purl variety. I can work conventional Continental as well, but I don’t usually bother. The only time I do it is when I would have to re-orient the majority of my stitches to Western for a stitch pattern.

Kelley's Rigid Heddle Weaving Class – Part 5: Removing the Warp

Rating: 5
Learn to weave on a rigid heddle loom with Kelley from Knit Picks! Measuring out the warps doesn’t take long at all. In part 5, Kelley will show you how the warp is removed from the warping board. Kelley also reviews two of her favorite reference books for weaving – Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving by Betty Linn Davenport and Weaving Made Easy by Liz Gipson.

Sweetgrass Basket Weaving

Rating: 5
The Gullah region of South Carolina comes north to John Hay HS School of Science and Medicine to teach the art of sweetgrass basket weaving.

Coloring Outside the Lines Carding a Blended Ding Batt

Rating: 4
Blending a multitude of fibers, colors and textures on a drum card to make a “ding batt” for hand spinning. I’m sure others have done something very similar, but when I started doing this about 10 years ago I didn’t know of anyone else doing anything like it so I called the batts “ding batts” – named them after myself – a dingie blonde. There are rules – fiber must be clean and no junk allowed. Fiber in final batt must be well prepared. If you card in texture – which you must – it can’t be texture because you don’t prepare the fiber, must be planned nubs and noils etc. You must have at least 3 different colors, fibers and textures – generally I have many more. Ding batts are best for doing small bits of things – I’ll go into my “ding batt scarf” later – as it’s difficult to produce enough for a large project. It’s easy to do two matching batts, as demonstrated in this video, but more than three and it gets quite complex. There are three types on ding batts – blended (shown here), mixed and layered which will be shown in two more videos as soon as I get time to do them. Thanks to my friend Bethany who was visiting for a week for helping with the demo. She is a new spinner and this was her introduction to a drum card, blending lots of fibers – and play time in my garage.

Spinning on my CPW

Rating: 5
Spinning on my Canadian Production Wheel (CPW). Ratio is calculated at approximately 15.2:1

Weaving in Ends – Knit by Red Heart with Kathleen Sams

Rating: 5
Weave in ends on finished knit pieces

Weaving in Sado

Rating: 4
Weaving in Sado, Japan

The Manly Art of Knitting

Rating: 4
A witty documentary by three first time filmmakers. Marya Baron, Jodi Smith, Christina White

Learn to Knit a Dishcloth

Rating: 4
I am offering this tutorial (pattern + instructional videos) for FREE! This is a traditional pattern, not my own design, that has been used for generations. I am presenting this for beginning knitters who would like to learn this technique, and to give a free sample of my video tutorials. Free pattern download is available here:

Knitting – Making Cables without a Cable Needle

Rating: 4
More free videos available online at . This video will show you how to knit cables without the aid of a cable needle.

Learn to Knit Socks part 1 – Getting Started

Rating: 4
Casting-on and getting started with double-pointed needles. This series of six videos were designed to accompany the Learn to Knit Socks pattern, which is available for purchase and download here:



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