knitting patterns Lace Knitting Patterns – Free Knitting Tutorials – Watch Knitting- pattern 20 – Fish Thorn

Rating: 4 Li…

Crochet an Infinity Scarf part 1 learn chain stitch, & Modified Half Double Crochet Day 16

Rating: 4
In this video I will teach you how to get started on a crocheted Infinity scarf. I will show you how to do a chain stitch and a modified half douvbe crochet …

Moebius Cast-On Tutorial

Rating: 4
A tutorial which takes you through the process of casting on and working the first row of a moebius.

Mucho Muchacho, Juan Solo Tote King, Lirico & Mbaca – Cokin Bananas (Video Oficial) (Official Video)

Rating: 4

knitting patterns LACE SCARF KNITTING TUTORIAL. Lace Scarf Knitting Pattern By

Rating: 4
A beautiful simple lace stitch worked over 7 stitches and 2 rows. It translates into any yarn thickness. The finer the yarn, the more of a vintage feel it ta…

Demonstration of Making a Mobius Strip

Rating: 5
Using a strip of paper, create a mobius strip. This video was created as a visual for the following blog post:…


Rating: 5
The Möbius Strip was discovered in 1858 by German mathematician and astronomer August Ferdinand Mobius (December) and independently by Johann Benedict Listin…

Cables with no cable needle

Rating: 4
A quick way to knit cables without using a cable needle (I always lose mine). I apologize for the wind in the background. Being from North Dakota, there aren…

Möbius Strip topology and Jones Polynomial

Rating: 0
I must have an error? I’m lost again!

Mobius Twist Stitch

Rating: 0
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Advanced Knitting Instructions : Advanced Knitting: Cable Stitches With Cable Needles

Rating: 1
When cables are knit into stitching patterns, the result is interesting braids. Knit cable stitches with cable needles with tips from a knitting teacher in t…

Flamenco Scarf Knit

Rating: 1
Flamenco Scarf Knit.



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