Knitting in the Snow

Beautiful yarn, reversible cables, two socks at a time, and knitting without tears.

Knitters BioSnow is starting to blanket the land here in my area in Idaho. Sounds like a lot of people are getting storms, so I hope everyone is warm and well. Of course, knitters know how to keep warm! We snuggle up in the wool and all is well.

I have been experiencing a special treat. Cleaning through my closet revealed an old bag of yarn spun by a friend years ago. I have a basket of lumpy skeins in fabulous bright colors. It’s all turning into my newest fad: Mobius Scarves! I’m having tons of fun blending all the brightness.

That’s the good news, the bad news is that I’ve been suffering a computer crash, and it has really hampered my productivity. So we get a nice short newsletter today.

New on

I’m enjoying my beautiful yarn so much that I found a ton of colorful skeins available on Amazon!

My passion for mobius scarves has me fascinated with reversible patterns. So I am very excited to find a video on reversible cables. What a great idea… and so beautiful.

Here’s another good idea. Knit socks on circular needles… two at a time! I do have to say, though, that knitting two at a time inside each other (as we explored in a previous newsletter) is still more cool. All the same, the whole idea is fascinating! And great news! It’s also available in Kindle edition!

And finally, my favorite favorite!! Knitting Without Tears. This is one of the most important books in my knitting careers. It’s what taught me how to think about how my knitting was shaping in my hands, and start designing my own patterns.

Ever bind off and then find it is too tight? Here’s a great video on a surprisingly stretchy bindoff.

Thanks for reading and Happy Knitting! And here’s to a more productive week next week!


Connie Delaney




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