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How to Knit a Scarf : How to Do the Basket Weave: Scarf Knitting

Rating: 4
Learn how to do the Basket Weave for knitting a scarf in this free video. Expert: Michelle Millar Bio: Michelle picked up her first pair of knitting needles under the tutelage of her grandmother over twenty years ago. Filmmaker: kirk yliniemi

Knitting Help – Joining in the round

Rating: 4
Instruction for working on circular needles and joining your work to knit in-the-round.

How to Un-knit and Un-Purl

Rating: 4
Learn how to unknit and unpurl mistakes with Planet Purl’s how-to video, taught by Beth Moriarty, author of “Deep South Knitting.”

Knitting Tips : How to Cast Off in Knitting

Rating: 4
To cast off in knitting, also known as binding off, it requires a bit more yarn than a regular knitted row, as each stitch is pulled over the next and off the end of the needle. Pull the tail of the yarn through the last stitch and tighten before weaving in the ends with a demonstration from an advanced knitter in this free video on knitting. Expert: Allison Isaacs Contact: Bio: Allison Isaacs learned to knit and needlepoint at an early age. Filmmaker: Sam Lee

Viking Knit Lazee Daizee Tool

Rating: 4
Viking Knit weaving technique with the Lazee Daizee tool, making the ancient wire weaving technique, fast, easy, portable and fun.

Applied i-cord

Rating: 5
This video demonstrates how to knit an applied i-cord to your knitting. Using this method, you will bind off stitches and apply your i-cord at the same time.

How to Crochet an Infinity Scarf Part 2 Day 17

Rating: 4
In this video I will teach you two ways to make an infinity scarf, beginners may want to refer to part one of this video to get started.

knitting pattern Learn to Knit Socks part 2 – Heel Flap

Rating: 4
Heel Flap. This series of six videos were designed to accompany the Learn to Knit Socks pattern, which is available for purchase and download here:

Crochet Geek – Crochet Shell – Basic Stitch

Rating: 4
You may visit the link below for the written Instructions to the Crochet Shell.

How to Crochet – Solomon's Knot Stitch (Lover's Knot, Love Knot, Hail Stone, Salomon)

Rating: 4
Please subscribe to Naztazia’s channel! Check out these free patterns using this stitch: and and and The Solomon’s Knot (a/k/a Love Knot, Lover’s Knot, Hail Stone) is a beautiful crochet stitch that creates a lacy open pattern, perfect for shawls and wraps.

Make Yarn from Recycled Clothing – Knitting Daily TV Episode 409

Rating: 4
In Knitting Daily episode 409, designer Mags Kandis, a contributor to the book Knitting Green: Conversations and Planet Friendly Projects by Ann Budd (Interweave, April 22, 2010), demonstrates a truly unique scarf, knit from recycled strips of silk–an eco-friendly and inexpensive project that uses up old clothing. Learn more about Knitting Green online at: This technique works great with jeans, silk, linen, cotton T-shirts and more. Download the free pattern instructions and learn more about Knitting Daily TV at:

Pentafold Moebius

Rating: 4
How to make sure there are five twists in your Moebius Cast-on, so you can follow the pentafold moebius pattern.



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