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Weekly Shawl 9/21

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new shawls

Moebius aka Möbius

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Moebius, a German mathematician from the beginning of the 18th century, who developed the magically twisted circle ring on which this knitting technique is based. Use a long circular needle – at least 32 inch. Cast on around double needle points. Number of sts cast on divided by gauge will give finished diameter. Pull out one needle and move sts to needle with no working yarn. With other side of needle pick up sts in each long loop under each stitch all around. (Since not picking up in the first st you will end up with an odd total number of sts). The needles should now be on the outside of the cable and the cable is twisted one time on the middle. Join and start knitting in the round. First time you get to the starting tail you have worked all sts cast on on needle and now you will make first round on the sts picked up and first time you work these you knit in the back loop. Following rounds will be worked in front loop as normally. If you keep knitting in the round ahlf your work will be in stockinette and half in reversed stockinette. Since you have an odd number of sts you could K1,P1 all around and your moebius will be all in seed sts.

Knit Through Back Loop

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How to make a knit stitch through the back loop (k tbl or k1 tbl)

How to Knit a Sweater : Knitting a Sweater: Neck Band Stitching

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When knitting a sweater, use circular needles about 16 inches long. Learn how to knit a neck band for a sweater in this free video on knitting basics for beginners from an experienced knitter. Expert: Pam Grushkin Bio: Pam Grushkin learned to knit at a young age, and she now teaches knitting both independently and through yarn shops. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

35 Loom Knit New Born Baby Mittens

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These mittens are so easy. This tutorial is for preemie to really young new born.

Easy Crochet Pattern PDF Tutorial Hat and Cowl – Ethnicdesign . Etsy .com

Rating: 4 Craft it Yourself

How To Knit a Simple Baby Hat

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This hat will fit most infants up to about a year-old—but you can easily add more rows to fit even an adult-sized head. Just make sure it’s an adult who won’t mind a hat with cute, little animal ears.

How to Knit a Scarf : How to Do the Basket Weave: Scarf Knitting

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Learn how to do the Basket Weave for knitting a scarf in this free video. Expert: Michelle Millar Bio: Michelle picked up her first pair of knitting needles under the tutelage of her grandmother over twenty years ago. Filmmaker: kirk yliniemi

Knitting Daily Workshop: Knitting Creative Details – Designing Original Knitwear with Vicki Square (DVD)

Knitting Daily Workshop: Knitting Creative Details – Designing Original Knitwear with Vicki Square (DVD)

Knitting Daily Workshop: Knitting Creative Details - Designing Original Knitwear with Vicki Square (DVD)
List Price: $19.99
Your Price: $19.25- Knitting Daily Workshop: Knitting Creative Details - Designing Original Knitwear with Vicki Square (DVD)

It’s all in the details! Well-known knitwear designer Vicki Square walks you through the design process for knitting original knitwear in this Knitting Daily Workshop DVD.

In this workshop video, best-selling author Vicki Square shares her expertise designing one-of-a-kind knitwear, with special attention to the details.

With Knitting Creative Details: Designing Original Knitwear with Vicki Square, you’ll learn:

–How to envision your design before you pick up your needles, including sketching and swatching practices that will guarantee successful knitting.
–How to knit your design using proper schematics, draping fabric, and deciding on detailing to make your piece stand out.

–How to knit creative embellishments, such as knitted i-cord, Chinese knots, non-curling knitted borders, stacked buttons, corkscrew tassels, and much more!

Plus! With the purchase of this Knitting Daily Workshop DVD, you’ll receive access to three of Vicki’s patterns that emphasize detailed knitting: the Paisley Hat embellished with beads and French knots, a Cuff Bracelet that uses two-color braided cast-on and bind-off, and her Patches Bag that features applied squares with chain-stitch embroidery.

Invite Vicki Square into your fiber studio and learn the ins and outs of creating original works of knitwear art!

Vicki Square is the author of Knit Kimono, Folk Bags, and the best-selling The Knitter’s Companion. Vicki has been designing and teaching knitting for more than twenty years and cross-trains her creative passions with drawing, painting, and mixed-media pursuits. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Creative Knitting Magazine January 2011.wmv

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Check out the great knitting patterns in the “Creative Knitting” magazine January 2011 issue. Featured are Ethereal Eyelets Pullover, Zig Zag Hoodie, Ruffles Cardigan, Marlee Coat, Neck Gaiter. Knitting Bag, and more!

Cat Bordhi's Knit-as-you-go Tendrils

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Designer Annie Modesitt taught me how to make these addictive little tendrils long ago and I have been putting them in more spots than I ought to ever since. Warning: you will too. To see where I’ve used them in patterns, visit

Knitting Daily Episode 412 Preview.mpg

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